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DALAI MONGOL   |   2012
Three years in the making, Dalai Mongol is set to release this summer. Its first single, "White Stupa No. 3," features vocals by Badmaa, a nineteen-year-old Mongolian girl, and was recorded inside a Ger at the Duut Hot Spring Resort in Arkhangai Province, Mongolia.
DEVOCEAN   |   2007
The passing of Levi's father inspires an album with full orchestral arrangement. Moods shift from the brooding Memory (DNA) to the majesty of Ceremony. Susan Dumett of Vox Vespertinus makes a vocal cameo on Sound and Recent Sorrow.
01 Memory (DNA)
02 Sound and Recent Sorrow
03 Desired Straits
04 Brios
05 New Edge
06 Castles Made of Sound
07 Manha de Carnaval (Katrina)
08 Anthem (... and Them?)
09 Aix (La Pechouette)
10 Exploradorable
11 Ceremony
12 Memory (The Last...)
ALHAMBRA   |   2001
Acoustic guitar takes Levi Chen back to a more resonant mode with eleven original songs and renditions of four timeless melodies. Featuring flutes and upright bass, composition comes to the forefront. The title track, Alhambra, and Flutterbye are among the most beloved in Levi's repertoire.
01 Alhambra (2001 Nights)
02 Imaginary Kiss
03 Erotica
04 Vincent
05 Passages
06 Flutterybye
07 Killing Me Softly
08 Angelinga
09 Precious
10 Nudes
11 New Dawn
12 Love's Friend
13 Little Wing
14 Koan
15 Air on the 12 String
Sensuous, muscular grooves set the stage for Levi Chen's signature sound: crystalline, echoey guitar and the delicate weeping of the gu zheng. A supporting cast of top LA musicians feature on drums, bass, vibes, flute, banjo, tamboura and percussion against some of Levi's most classic compositions.
01 Innerlude
02 Essential
03 Jade
04 Tsunami
05 Leo Rising
06 Ascension
07 Levitation
08 China
09 L'Asiana
10 Anjo
11 Cathedral
CELTIC ZEN   |   1995
A remarkable recording of a moment in time. Celtic Zen weaves poignant guitar and erhu glissandos against stately harp arpeggios, gypsy cymbalon flourishes, and pagan pan pipes. Fascinating, sympathetic instrumentals lead a resonant journey from Old Ireland to the hills of Transylvania and the empires of the East. A true collaboration with Lisa Lynne Franco and Michael Masley.
01 The Beauty Peace (I & II)
02 Reunity
03 The Wind, the Wolf & the Wild (I & II)
04 Eros a Rose Venus (I & II)
05 Suite Birds of Fire (I & II)
06 Baskali
07 She Moved through the Aire
08 Animaginal (I, II & III)
09 Knot Zen
10 Melancholy's Passion
11 Difinity
12 Black Rock Concierto
Expanding on the style defined by Tao, Meditation of My Soul blends the gu zheng and Stratocaster with evolved technique and sounds borne from traveling the world. Levi meditates across two instruments, delivering a simultaneous transmission of the Tao.
01 Mind 101
02 Play
03 Fearless
04 Beginning
05 Departure
06 Ceremony
07 Prayer
08 Peace
09 Majesty
10 Baraka
TAO   |   1993
Delicate echoes, empty mind, graceful touch. Solo guitar explorations, electric and acoustic. Exquisite, meditative structures born of ambient sound and intuitive gesture. Levi Chen's debut album gracefully introduces the themes of his singular sound: huge expanses of space, intimate guitar touch, innate flavors of East Asia, and a masterful calm.
01 Tao
02 Five Tones
03 Fail to Hear
04 No Room
05 Heavenly
06 In Pursuit
07 Harmonize with Light
08 Knowing Not Knowing
09 Truthful Words