around the world, forming a sound that is simultaneously private, passionate, and expansive.

Levi is a true California original and an ubiquitous musical voice for our time. He performs on one of the oldest and one of the newest stringed instruments know to humanity- simultaneously. The ‘Gu Zheng’ or Chinese harp (Japanese ‘Koto’) has been played in China for nearly 3,000 years. The “Stratocaster” was the first electric guitar, created in Fullerton, California in 1952 by Leo Fender, and has become a universal icon for music. Levi flows seamlessly and effortlessly between the two in a technique he calls “Solo Duets,” playing music he describes as “the sound of 2 musicians, not playing…together.”

A prolific composer and producer, Levi has released eight albums with sounds ranging from the spare solo guitar of Tao to the abundant washes and gu zheng layers of Haiku Moon. Meditation of My Soul focused on the interplay of ambient guitar and Chinese harp; Liquid Gardens explored a band format; Alhambra marked the evolution of Levi’s solo sound and the return to his acoustic origins.

Levi’s eighth record, Devocean, spanned the two years after his father’s death in 2005. The album generated an award-winning music video, “Sound and Recent Sorrow (SARS),” and earned Levi recognition as 2007’s Best Instrumental Artist (Los Angeles Music Awards).

Levi’s first short feature film “Dalai Mongol” won over a dozen awards at international film festivals in 2012. It was filmed over 20 days in the Mongolian wilderness on his honeymoon.The music of Dalai Mongol was recorded in both Ulanbaatar and Los Angeles and features Jonon, a traditional folk music ensemble. Much of the music will be featured on his upcoming album “Blissfulfilled.”

A true “World Citizen,” Levi speaks 4 languages, and has lived or travelled in over 50 countries. He has performed in countless cities on 3 continents since embarking on his musical journey 30 years ago. From festivals to streets, clubs to temples, he has mystified, mesmerized and touched hundreds of thousands of human beings with his profound musicality. Since 1993 he has released 8 albums of his unique compositions and musicianship, and sold 100,000 CDs. His 9th album “Blissfulfilled” is set for release in 2018, recorded in Mongolia and produced by veterans of the LA electronic scene.